To a certain extent, it exaggerates the smoke activity of 6mg low char, but it also slightly interferes with the smokers’ captur

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To a certain extent, it exaggerates the smoke activity of 6mg low char, but it also slightly interferes with the smokers’ capture of the details of the aroma Careful identification shows that there are hay, aroma and sweet aromas in addition to the original tobacco aroma, and the aftertaste has no peculiar smell. Slight tingling remains. Smoke moisturization and comfort are obviously improved Newport Cigarettes, and the contour is smoother and smoother. However, the harmony between herbal aroma and smoke aroma brought by the external flavor is hard to be called perfect, and the mouth seems to be coated. The design of this cigarette package looks similar to a pack of hard new styles, but it is not like the design style. There is an S-shaped line design on the edge of the front of the cigarette box. The cigarette holder is pink, and there is also a bursting bead. When you finish smoking, there is a strawberry smell. Generally speaking, it is not bad. Except for the size and opening direction, the slim version of the cigarette case is almost the same as the family version, so I won’t give more details. Personal feeling, the author said that the pile is full, the overall visual effect seems to be optimized. In fact, this is also the common feature of some domestic cigarette packaging. It is forbidden that there is blank space on the cigarette box. There is a little place to put something meaningful, such as text, landscape, historical events, humanistic architecture, abstract patterns, and integration of the former brand name.... Turned a good pack of cigarettes into an encyclopedia Marlboro Red. In fact, the classic Marlboro is so concise, the current version 2. 0 is even de-textualized. I like the cat next door, I like the simple and refreshing style. The filter has no holes for ventilation and contains a small green bead. After popping the beads and lighting it, it is very cool and sweet, but it is not the cool to cold chill of menthol cigarettes. If you carefully taste it, it feels like eating golden throat throat treasure. However, it seems that something is missing. Let's have another one, don't burst the beads and feel the smell of smoke, um, gentle and soft, dense and long, but there seems to be something missing. Directly burst the beads and smoke, and did not enjoy the pure smoke fragrance; not burst the beads, wasted the burst beads, and wasted the cool beauty of the hot summer Xiao Miao. So he drew halfway and burst the beads, sure enough! The experience of the fragrance of smoke before bursting the beads, the significant changes brought about by the ice factor after bursting the beads, and the fusion of the coolness and the fragrance of smoke to refresh the heart and spleen one after another.
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