What is everyone's opinion on Lee Robinson of American Sentinel K9?

#1 by Docga , Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:28 am

After coming across this old thread on the MolosserDogs Forum, it sparked a curiosity in me and I thought there would be no better place than here to survey the collective minds of the internet. What is everyone's opinion on Lee Robinson of American Sentinel K9?

First things first, I really admire the program. I think it has very admirable goals. Without actually meeting any of the dogs in person I really cannot know anything about them for certain, but from what I have seen in videos and on social media, I think they are really some high quality dogs. I think he is doing some very nice breedings; tightening the blood and cementing good traits. The only thing holding me back is the man behind the project. I'm left kind of torn between quality dogs and a dodgy dude behind the madness. I used to be in his bandog group on Facebook. Not anymore, but not by choice. I am pretty sure he blocked me. And for no real reason. Now I definitely can't keep up to date with the project. If he had an issue, he could have been more respectable. He never was, but that's his choice I suppose. The last thing I remember was a private chat he sent me because apparently he was so butthurt when I posted to his group asking what other bandog programs he might potentially use to bring in more blood (if he ever thought it necessary) and I think I even inquired about a few Neapolitan mastiff programs. I think the last thing he sent me was something about him saying I should ask respectable breeders or something. My response was logically "I thought that's what I did?" Never heard from him again. My posts were totally benign and innocent and he felt them a big deal, deleted them, and said to stop mentioning names.

If that is not the reason for me being blocked, the only other things I can remember posting were asking for book recommendations on dog breeding and genetics. Apparently, a man with a Masters in Animal Science who talks about "genetics" all the time could be of no help. I really feel kind of disrespected especially because I was never rude. I have some burning questions I would hope a man with his credentials and experiences he has could answer. I wanted to ask for his input on some articles by the Institute of Canine Biology, but I feel my time would be wasted. Maybe I should forget about his program and do my own thing? I'm sure he wouldn't care either way. Such a shame, I did admire his program.

That is really my only negative about him. Fortunately, one of his partners he has publicly endorsed was way more respectful and courteous than he was. I am talking about West Coast Sentinels. Even though he is in California, he really is one cool dude. I never had an issue with him. And he is probably the last thread I am holding onto with the program because I really do have a serious interest in the program, potentially becoming a part of it eventually.

Anyways, back to my question, what is everyone's opinion on Lee Robinson of American Sentinel K9? Or even the dogs? Just looking to see what everyone else has experienced and learned over the years with this program, he has been around these parts a while it seems.

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