Leclerc ignores teamorder and overtakes Vettel

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Leclerc ignores teamorder and overtakes Vettel

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Charles Leclerc dodged a team order by passing his number 1 teammate Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain.

Just before mounting the overtake of the sister Ferrari, the 21-year-old dubbed "golden boy" by the Italian press said on the radio: "Guys, I'm quicker".

His engineer replied that he should wait at least two laps.

"Then on the next straight I had the opportunity to go for it, so I went for it," said Monaco-born Leclerc.

Leclerc: ""It's always a tricky situation when you fight your teammate because the risks are very high," he said.

"They warn you before the race to please be careful with your teammate, but I had the opportunity and I didn't hesitate."

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