The version for Smartphones looks so ugly! (I have deactivated it)

#1 by sunnyAK , Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:15 pm

The version for Smartphones looks so ugly & crappy! (I have deactivated it)

I don´t know why my provider suddenly places the advertisement exactly where you find the "Login" for Smartphones. However, you can "outsmart" it, by holding your Smartphone horizontally.
Well I think most of you use our forum using a computer anyway, so I don´t have to change the "design" of the board, using the "ugly version" at the bottom here, that obviously is easier usable for Smartphones, but definitely not pleasing to the eye!

My forum using our "design": (Sadly they place the advertisement, where the "Login" should be)

And here their ugly version for smartphones:

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