Trump and the issue with the "Mexico border wall" -What do you think about it?

#1 by sunnyAK , Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:38 am

I am too far away to have a "strong opinion" on issues another nation has. With that said I prefer to listen to people who come from the USA!

Do you support Trump and his plans to built a wall at the border to Mexico and do you think he deals appropriately with this issue and the opposition in his country, that obviously disagrees with him?

We have a few knowledgable people here as members who come from the USA. So I am especially interested in your thoughts!

Kind regards

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RE: Trump and the issue with the "Mexico border wall" -What do you think about it?

#2 by sunnyAK , Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:09 am

Trump & his Veto!

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RE: Trump and the issue with the "Mexico border wall" -What do you think about it?

#3 by Chui , Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:17 am

We have to secure our border.

A nation that cannot control it’s borders will cease to be a nation.

The Globalists (actually, International Socialists it Communists) wish to eradicate ALL nations so it’s imperative for ALL of us to stand by ALL nations as sovereign - as is each individual. This ideology will absolutely conflict with the Globalist Agenda.

I think by now all know my position: I unequivocally support securing our border. If we expect to remain a nominally European culture, it’s absolutely necessary. All other arguments - including the faux humanist arguments are irrelevant.

We (the USA) have called national emergencies somewhere around sixty (60) times. So this fake concern about the Constitution and Rule of Law falls under scrutiny. They wish to destroy the States’ Militia (US Code Title 12 Section 311) by disarming the public; the UN organization violates the same Constitution; waging wars all over the planet for natural resources violates our laws and International Law - yet they support this and more. We can look at all Amendments to the Constitution after Article 10, question the War Powers Act, the Federal Reserve Act, Federal Income Taxes and even the US Civil War and find that our Elitosts do not care about constitutionality.

It’s a shame that an American President has to fight his own government in order to restore some semblance of normalcy in a few facets of our government.

But here we are.

Since this is an international forum I’ll say this: “As goes America, so goes the World.”

The majority of Americans do not support Globalism or Open Borders: it’s 1:13AM CST and doors and windows are shut and locked. They would resist you - violently - if they awakened a d you were sitting in their living room going through their things. And rightfully so. This is being dictated from the top - just as it’s is in Western Europe. It’s destroying homogeneous cultures such that they can be more easily controlled: think “Balkanization”.

The scary thing is that it will probably take some sort of high-level coup to correct things BTR ghost don’t usually allow much liberty, which is what America is supposed to stand for. And let it be said that many in the USA fully recognize that our nation has been stolen and the path it is on is a hellish plan for global destruction.

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RE: Trump and the issue with the "Mexico border wall" -What do you think about it?

#4 by Docga , Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:56 pm

I agree, our borders need to be secured or else it threatens the integrity of the system all together. If just anyone can waltz into the country and claim themselves a citizen without any documentation and receive benefits regardless of their worth to the community, its like stealing. It is an insult to everyone else who is already here and does things legally.

At the same time, nobody would care if he built the wall if he was actually a democrat. The only reasons he is facing so much opposition on this issue is because 1) he is the first president since I can remember actually fulfilling his campaign promises and 2) he is a republican. The democrats just insist on opposing literally everything he does because they don't like him, even if what he does is actually good.

One argument many people put forth is that we are already a country of immigrants so why not just let everybody in. That is not 100% accurate. Early immigrants came here to be AMERICAN. They didn't come here to be Irish-American, they didn't come here to be German-American, they came here to be AMERICAN - big difference!

Another reason why the democrats may insist on importing thousands of illegals is so they can scoop them up into their voter base. If a potential candidate running for office offers you free stuff, you may be more inclined to take it and vote for them - even if you shouldn't have it in the first place and haven't earned it either. They're effectively paying their voters to vote for them. The democrats are too stupid to know their ideology is flawed and corrupt. And I'll be labeled a racist and a bigot just for saying this. Well I don't care.

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RE: Trump and the issue with the "Mexico border wall" -What do you think about it?

#5 by Boris , Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:03 am

America have history of being terrorist number one in world. Its country made on genocide of its native people. America exist as country like 300 years and during these 300 years,250 or more are spent under war with somebody. Trump is the only president who didnt start any war and who mostly mind his own business inside America. America have raise in every single area during his era. Economy etc.

Border with Mexico is neccesary because there is many illegal people stealing their jobs and everything else. I dont see why debate is needed at all?
Border is called border with reason. If you dont respect imaginary,you need physical.

People with pappers can still come. Illegals are one to worry... Trump is the best president they had in last 20+ years.

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