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"Of course, the little prince is almost sixteen years old. It's time to choose nine princesses. The queen mother is helping him. Ji, don't think about him any more. He won't remember you now. Well, will Brother Qin take you to the lake tomorrow?" Qin Zhen's eyes were burning, and looking at Ji'er at close range made him palpitate even more, only to see that Ji'er's little face was tender and smooth, pure and charming, and her whole body exudes a characteristic of fusing two completely opposite tastes of women, which attracted him very much. "Uncle Guo, the little prince has been forced!" Liu Xingchen's cold voice sounded between the two. Star, how do you take care of Jill, you look at this hand, do not let people die of heartache? Qin Zhen immediately glared at Liu Xingchen. By the way, he grabbed Ji's little hand on the table and was reluctant to let go. "Ji, why do you practice the piano? It's so hard. Don't practice. Go back with Brother Qin. Brother Qin will buy you whatever you want." Qin Zhen showed his possessive desire with bad motives. Brother Qin, what are you talking about? Ji doesn't like to hear it. Ji doesn't like to rely on men. You see, even Wang Ye promised to come back to see Ji. Now he doesn't want Ji. Can Ji still rely on men? "Big Brother Qin embarrassed Jill." Ji son heart stuffy panic, although feel Qin Zhen said is not necessarily true, but hear this kind of thing, the heart is always not taste, at least she often can not sleep when holding Murong Lingquan gave her jade pendant miss him. Miss, Wang Ye won't. Liu Xingchen saw that Ji's eyes revealed sadness, and immediately interrupted, he did not believe that Wang Ye was that kind of person, if he did not attach importance to Ji,plastic packing tube, he would never leave himself to protect her. Hey, Star, don't you know? "Women are fickle, but men are even more fickle. Otherwise, how can everyone have three wives and four concubines and forget the old?" Ji Er's words are obviously satirizing Qin Zhen, although she looks like a resentful woman. Qin Zhen was a little embarrassed, but immediately said with a smile on his face, "Ji Er, don't blame Brother Qin. Brother Qin knew Ji Er too late. If he had known Ji Er a few years earlier,eye cream packaging tube, Brother Qin would have only guarded Ji Er." Sweet words and sincere expressions are that women will be deceived by him, but Jill just sneers in her heart, if men are credible, sows will climb trees. Ha ha, Qin eldest brother also said if, if if, Ji son will not be reduced to here, more will not know Qin eldest brother, not to mention a few years ago, Ji son or a young girl, no buttocks no chest, Qin eldest brother to see estimates will not look at it, ha. Ji laughed and pulled her little hand back to wrap her mouth. Jill. Qin Zhen looked at Ji Er that happy appearance do not know why not laugh out, only feel distressed, and next to Liu Xingchen mouth after a pumping, the heart blocked panic. This night Qin Zhen was very graceful to leave early, Ji Er listlessly returned to his room, cosmetic plastic tube ,plastic laminated tube, picked up the jade pendant under the pillow to start to stay. Knocking at the door, Liu Xingchen came in with a midnight snack every night, and saw her tearful eyes and heartache. Star put the bowl on the table, walked up to Jill, gently put her arms around her shoulders, and Jill immediately leaned into his arms and sobbed. For a long time, Liu Xingchen sighed and said gently, "Ji, don't believe Uncle Guo. Wang Ye is not that kind of person. He will come back. You have to believe him." The hearts of the stars clenched together. I know, but Jill's heart is sad, stars, in fact, Jill does not have to have any extravagant hopes, right? Even if Wang Ye remembers Ji in his heart, he is always Wang Ye, and it is impossible to marry a dancer as a princess, right? Jill knew very well in her heart, but she still wanted to ask, this is a woman's foolishness. "Well, Jill can be a side princess." Liu Xingchen's fist clenched. Ha ha, is not the only, even if is the princess, Ji son is not rare, Ji son has never thought of sharing his man with other women, even if he loves himself most, so what, feelings can not tolerate a sand, Ji son is very selfish, just want to find a true love, stars, this is for you. Instead, Ji was stimulated by Liu Xingchen to be strong, and the white jade in her hand was stuffed into the hands of Xingchen. She should not have any more illusions. Jill, don't you like Wang Ye very much? Liu Xingchen looked at her little face with dry tears in surprise. So what? It's normal to like it. I like all beautiful men, ha ha. Jill laughed at herself.
Liu Xingchen pulled the corners of her mouth and stuffed the jade back into her hand. "You have to return it yourself," she said. Then he stood up angrily. Stars.. Jill grabbed him. Liu Xingchen was stunned, because Ji's voice became sad and soft. Do you like Jill? Jill looked at his dark and deep starry eyes carefully. Liu Xingchen immediately handsome face hot up, eyes flashing, a heart also missed a beat, do not know what this little woman wants to do. Don't you like it? "I knew nobody liked Jill. Well, it's better to go to the lake with Uncle Guo tomorrow than to go with him." "Ji said faintly." Jill! Liu Xingchen was so angry that he roared. Why so loud, Ji son now hidden bitterness, how to be a woman so bitter, like their own are goat! I can't get what I like. Oh, it's really boring. Jill had a fit, but she just wanted to. Liu Xingchen's body is stiff and his fists are clenched. He is not a goat! "Stars.." Jill stood in front of him and suddenly put her hands around his neck. She looked at his handsome face sadly and said softly, "Star, can I kiss you?" Chapter 49 of the main text is to be a superior person. The stars were too frightened to move, and a heart seemed to break out. Ji Er stared at Liu Xingchen's tight and sexy thin lips, swallowed the saliva, and slowly put his little mouth together, but thought to himself that he could not hang his heart on the body of the little Lord. The deeper he fell, the more painful he would be in the future. He could never be in a passive position. Whoever paid his heart first would be unlucky. Thinking of this, Ji Er suddenly closed his eyes and kissed his little mouth. "" Ji opened her big eyes,plastic laminted tube, the corners of her eyes were pumping, and it turned out that Liu Xingchen had covered her small mouth with her big hand, but her handsome face had turned tomato color.


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