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That group of people is very enthusiastic, listened to the dance, did not feel Li Qiang disappointed, all the bikini girls have a smile on their faces that is more wonderful than the moonlight, looking at him sweetly, this expression effect probably comes from Li Qiang's handsome face, stiff suit and tens of millions of sports cars. Just imagine, if at this time, it was a dark-skinned old farmer driving a four-wheeled tractor and pulling a truck of excrement, they would never look like this. I'm sorry to interrupt your party. I'm really worried because my friend is missing. The last time he called me was on this beach. I thought you might see him, so I came to ask. Li Qiang said politely. Someone in the crowd shouted in a low voice: "I know him. I've seen him in a magazine. He's the new leader of the triad. He killed the prawn himself a few days ago." The voice was soft, but it spread far and wide. Almost all the people present heard it word for word. Li Qiang's face immediately sank and he was a little livid, because he guessed that the girls would have cold air coming out of their backs. Sure enough,Flushometer valve, the girls lost their smiles and hid behind them subconsciously. Several men in their thirties came over submissively and said, "Sir, what kind of person are you looking for?" They sounded as if a corpse were lying in front of them. Li Qiang could not help being angry and amused: "Now that you know my identity, I will say it directly, so as to save time. I am looking for my assistant. Have any of you seen him or know him? His name is Loach. He is about 1.73 meters tall. He is very thin and has short hair. He drives a purple saloon car. I have 100,Urinal Manual Flush Valve,000 yuan in cash here." Can one of you tell me where he is? When the girls saw Li Qiang pulling out a thick stack of colorful bills, they immediately screamed, "Dollars?" "One hundred thousand dollars," said Li Qiang. "Which one of you told me where my friend was?" One of the girls, who had been hiding the farthest, rushed up and grabbed the dollar in Li Qiang's hand and said in a trembling voice, "You give it to me and I'll tell you." Li Qiang did not believe that anyone here had the courage to cheat the leader of the triad society. Without hesitation, he put the money into the girl's hand and said in a harsh voice, "Have you seen this man?" The girl said, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Time Delay Tap, "I haven't seen this man, but I've seen this car. It has no owner. Maybe it's what you're looking for." Li Qiang happily held her weak shoulders and said: "Take me to find, I will thank you heavily!" " The girl clenched the money in her hand and said nervously, "I don't need to take you there. You can see it as long as you look up." Li Qiang was stunned and suddenly raised his head. On his head was a red cliff. The raised rocks piled up a slope at a height of 50 meters. There was a faint purple light on the slope. His mind moved, regardless of these people, his body suddenly became as light as a paper kite, jumped up, his feet on the stone wall as flat as the ground, and ran to the slope. As far as the eye could see, it was the car driven by the loach. WK5884!” Li Qiang muttered to himself and rushed to the car. He opened the door and looked down. He didn't want to see the body of the loach lying in the car. Fortunately, it was empty and there was no body. Next, Li Qiang was even more puzzled, because things were too unusual. How did the loach's car come to this place? It was as high as a 13-story building from the ground. There was no way to drive up. It was a cliff. Did someone pull it up, or was there a heavy crane? Li Qiang was about to go down to find out, but he didn't suspect the girl, because even if she didn't come up, she might see the car in the daytime. At that moment, a spark suddenly burst out in the car. In a thousandth of a second, a series of explosions threw him into the sky. It was not the car that exploded, but the whole slope that exploded. The men and women below screamed and fled in all directions. Fortunately, they were not close to each other. Otherwise, dozens of people would have been sent to the West. It was really vicious.
Li Qiang was so dazed by the explosion that he almost fainted in the air. When he fell down, he seemed to be surrounded by a meteor shower. Stones of all sizes and parts of cars were thrown at him. With a bang, his body hit the beach heavily, creating a herringbone pit, and the top of his head fell like a rainstorm at any time, burying him in an instant. It took about a minute for the stone rain to fall. Li Qiang still keeps the last trace of Pure Brightness in the sandpit, thanks to the innate skills taught to him by Yu Degong these days. The innate Qi of Kongtong School, like the surging water of the Yellow River, moistens his heart and veins, so that he can breathe through the pores of his whole body when his mouth and nose are completely dysfunctional. He heard the men and women running quickly towards him,Time Delay Tap, and many people began to move the stones, trying to dig him out, and he could not help feeling excited.


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