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The faces of Joe's father and mother turned pale. This time such a thing happened, I, Xu Yifeng, will definitely pursue it to the end. I don't want to blame my children, but now they are suffering from this. Mayor Joe, since your daughter is mentally ill, she should be sent where she belongs. She deserves it. Xu Yifeng's eyes were dark and cruel, and he finished word by word. Qiao's mother was all soft on Qiao's father's shoulder, sobbing. Qiao Yiqi is sent to a mental hospital, where she will suffer the punishment she deserves for her mistakes. Sun Yuran was sentenced to eight years in prison, and the two traffickers were sentenced to 18 years in prison. The people of the Public Security Bureau dug up a lot of information from them, which was an unexpected harvest. On the day Qiao Yiqi was sent to the mental hospital, Meng Xia went to see her. Meng Xia still remembered the scene of two people learning painting together when they were young, but everything seemed like a lifetime ago. The human heart is the kindest and most terrible thing. Qiao Yiqi's eyes were dim, and when she saw Meng Xia, there was a flash of cold light in her eyes. Are you proud to see me end up like this? She sneered. Meng Xia was silent for a moment and shook his head. "How are you? It has never had anything to do with me.". You have only yourself to blame for your present fate. "You have only yourself to blame?" Qiao Yiqi murmured and repeated, with hatred in his eyes, "If you don't come back, it won't be like this.". Meng Xia, do you think Xu Yifeng really loves you? Or can you still love him? Meng Xia took a breath and said word by word, "He is the father of my child." Qiao Yiqi suddenly giggled,14 tube fitting, laughing so hard that even tears overflowed. "You are so pitiful." She paused. "It's a pity that your children, who were not popular, have now become your catalyst.". That girl is now a kitten-I wonder how you feel when you see her face? At the mention of Lele, she felt a sharp pain, her eyes slowly cooled down, and suddenly said, "She is not my daughter with Xu Yifeng, I gave birth to a boy." Qiao Yiqi suddenly opened his eyes wide,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, "impossible, you lie to me.". That boy is your brother's child. "I didn't know until three years ago." She said lightly. You lie to me, you give yourself an excuse- "Qiao Yiqi whole person dejected sitting there, a face of disbelief, she thought she retaliated against everyone, the result of everything is wrong.". Meng Xia said nothing more and got up to go out. Blind love has harmed too many people. The wound on Lele's face gradually recovered. The knife was deep and the scar was clear. Even though she was still young, it was difficult for her to repair herself, especially the knife above her right eyebrow, which left a scar of two centimeters. They're going to let her have cosmetic surgery. Meng Xia reduced the neat bangs for her again, but the child was quieter than before. On the third day of Lele's stay in the hospital, Meng Xiao finally came to see her. In this kidnapping, everyone's mood seems to have changed. Meng Xia brought a big doll. Over the years, he seldom laughed. But this time he tried to change again. Of course, this change may be difficult for others to accept. For example, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,12 needle valve, Meng Lang's eyes were incredible, "Uncle, are you possessed by something? Why are you laughing?" In his impression, Meng Xiao is an underworld boss, unsmiling. The people in the ward laughed as they listened to Meng Lang's words. Naughty Meng Xia said a word to him. Meng Lang stuffed the doll into Lele's arms. "You see how good uncle is to you. He didn't give me a gift. Isn't this the doll you wanted a few days ago?" Lele hugged the doll, bit his lip and looked up at Meng Xiao, "Thank you, uncle." Meng Xiao looked at her, suddenly pulled the corners of his mouth, Lele stared at her, a little at a loss for a moment. Meng Lang suddenly said, "Look, my uncle's smile scared Lele again." After the accident, Xu Yifeng and Meng Xia had a rare space for two people. Meng Xia sat on the swing in the yard, and Xu Yifeng leaned aside. Another year, Gardenia blossoms, and the air is filled with a faint fragrance. Since the two children were discharged from the hospital, Xu Yifeng was even more difficult to sleep and eat. He remembered what Meng Xia had said before, but Meng Xia had no reaction these days. He couldn't help sighing.
Meng Xia gently shook the swing, the corners of his mouth could not help pulling up a radian. Xiaoxia, do you remember what you said to me? Xu Yifeng fluttered and said. I've talked to you too much. How can I remember? The swing is getting higher and higher. Do you still count what you said before? His hand stroked her hair. Meng Xia looked ahead and kept silent. Xu Yifeng stood behind her. When the swing came down, he reached out and pushed it back and forth dozens of times. He suddenly pressed the swing vigorously, turned around and walked in front of her. He knelt on his left knee, looked up and looked at her steadily. His eyes were deep. "Meng Xia, marry me?" Time seemed to stand still, Meng Xia looked straight at him, eyes flashing, a long time suddenly smiled, "OK, you go to pick a gardenia for me." A long, long time ago, she wanted to take the gardenia he picked with his own hands. Meng Xia curved smile, those things have passed. Xu Yifeng's eyes turned from calm to ecstasy, and the tenderness in his heart turned a thousand times. That night, Xu Yifeng went back to Xu's house for dinner. At the dinner table, he said, "I'm going to marry Xiaoxia." The chopsticks of Xu Zhan's hand just extended to the plate of wild rice stem, and the direction of the chopsticks turned again and again, "It's a good thing to get married." Tan Ying glared at Xu Zhan, "eat less fat and more vegetables!" General Manager Xu took back the chopsticks resentfully. Xu Yifeng glanced at Tan Ying and then leaned over and shouted, "Mom, Xiaoxia agreed to my proposal." Tan Ying lightly swallowed the food in her mouth and wiped her mouth, "Oh.". Let's go back and ask Xiaoxia whether she likes Chinese wedding or Western wedding. Xu Yifeng put down his chopsticks. "Mom, do you have anything to say?" Tan Ying drew his one eye, the look in the eyes is especially contemptuous, "congratulates you finally to keep the clouds open to see the moon bright, good life." He silently raised the corners of his mouth,pipe fittings manufacturer, and sure enough, the old Xu family was cold-blooded, which was a consistent tradition.


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