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Don't think that he is a master of love if he molests women every day. In fact, he hasn't even touched a woman's hand. What's more, like now, a close contact in the arms? "This.." Snow winter followed closely behind the golden autumn, and was stunned to see this scene. Hearing the movement, Jinqiu quickly bounced off, blushed, lowered his head, and said nothing. Only the hands that kept rubbing the corners of her clothes revealed her embarrassment. The moment Jinqiu left, Gu Yue had already recovered, or that cynical look, "Yo, see this young master Jun, also do not take such a throw into the arms!"! If all the people who like this young master do this, how can they stand it, sister-in-law, don't you think so? Tang shallowly grinned at the corners of her mouth, but when she heard Gu Yue's words, her face turned half black. How dare you look down on one of her four beautiful maidservants! She glanced at Gu Yue without any trace, simply sat back and said to Jinqiu, "Jinqiu, you go out with him and see what your Highness is looking for me." "Yes!" At this time, the golden autumn has fully recovered. Gu Yue's words just now reminded her that what she hated most was such a cynical playboy. Had it not been for the sake of the big prince,Magnetic Drain Plug, she would have been rude! "No!" When Gu Yue heard this, he wailed in an instant. He says: "Sister-in-law, your flying skill is good, we fly directly over.". Are you sure your maid is faster than you? Without saying a word, Gu Yue took a step and walked out. Stop! Tang shallowly called him, "in broad daylight, you told me to use flying skills?" "Don't worry, there are very few people in the places we pass later. I've already chosen the route." He is the commander of the Qisha Pavilion,metal stamping parts, and he still has this ability. Tang shallowly pondered for a moment and pulled the golden autumn, "good.". But her flying skills are not good, so you have to take her with you. "What?!" Gu Yue stopped and looked at Tang Shallow incredibly, "I want to marry a daughter-in-law, OK?" His words unexpectedly aroused Tang Shallow's playfulness. "Then marry her." Looking at Jinqiu again, her face was red and white, and Xuedong couldn't help staring at her and snickering. The young lady is having fun! "I want to marry a beautiful girl, look at her, this face is good, but this figure, where is good?"? All right, I'll take it, but you can't touch me, I can only touch you! Tang shallowly smiled from the bottom of his heart, but deliberately kept a straight face and looked reluctant. Seeing this, Gu Yue was about to roar to the sky. How could he be so hot that he volunteered to take over the matter? It was all Szeto Jue's fault. If he hadn't been busy, Stainless steel foundry ,car radiator cap, he wouldn't have had the chance to do such a thing. He would have had to cheat him to be worthy of himself. At present, the most important thing is to complete the task given to him by Szeto Jue. Thinking of this, Gu Yue's face looked a little better. "Well, I'll marry him.". Let's go When he reacted and saw that the faces of the three women in the yard were all surprised, Gu Yue knew that he had said the wrong thing. That's not what he's going to say! What's wrong with him today?! Do you really want to marry a wife? Or, because of that hug? He dared not say any more, leaving a sentence, "I'll wait for you at the gate." He fled the scene as fast as he could. Tang shallowly chuckled, Xuedong narrowed his eyes with laughter, and only Jinqiu became angry from embarrassment. Come on, keep up. Tang Shallow also went out, no longer mention just this matter, just as a joke. Jin Qiu adjusted his mood and followed up. Gu Yue walked with a tight face all the way, holding Jinqiu's waist and leading her along. At his destination, his hands were sore. He found that he shouldn't have said that, otherwise it would be much easier for her to hang on him. Sister-in-law, this is it. Gu Yue led them in from the backyard. Entering the hall, Tang shallowly recognized this place at a glance. She was puzzled. "Isn't this Qibaozhai?" "Yes!"! Sister-in-law, go up. Gu Yue urged. Even if there is no more understanding, Tang Qianqian also went up to the second floor. As soon as she reached the stairway, she saw a familiar figure standing there waiting for her.
If it's not Szeto Jue, who is it? See his dress, she smiled, smile so sweet, "originally, at that time began." Hum hum ~ He darted forward and swallowed everything she was about to say. Tang Qianqian guessed correctly that Qibaozhai was his. From the day Tang Qianqian came to Qibaozhai, he began to pay attention to her, no, it should be said that he had to move forward. At the end of the kiss, Szeto Jue asked Tang Qianqian, "How about seeing you off?" She looked up in surprise. "Don't you want it?" As princes, they all have their own sources of income. Tang shallowly thought that Qibaozhai was a very important source of income for Szeto Jue. Szeto Jue naturally understood what Tang Shallow meant and led her to the room. "Yours is mine." Tang Shallow heart a warm, "good." They chatted upstairs for a while before going downstairs. Seeing Tang Qianqian and Szeto Jue coming down, Jinqiu got up and ran up to salute. "What about him?" Szeto Jue asked. "Mr. Guyue said he was hungry and went to Huajinlou to look for food first." As soon as Tang Shallow went upstairs, there were only two of them left in the empty hall, which was embarrassing. No one knows that when Gu Yue left, his heart was relaxed. Are you hungry? Szeto Jue asked in a low voice. Uh "Go." Qibaozhai and Huajinlou were not far away, and the sun was very good today, so Tang Shallow asked Szeto Jue to lead her to walk. The two of them have not taken a good walk since they realized it, which Tang Shallow is not very satisfied with. Along the way, Tang Qianqian, like a curious baby, saw the jewelry stall, she always came forward to choose, and when Szeto Jue was ready to pay for her, she immediately put down the things in her hands and moved to the next stall. At this time, Szeto Jue always spoiled and helplessly put away the silver, followed behind her, repeating the action just now, never tired of it. Several people just arrived at the flower brocade building downstairs,car radiator cap, met an acquaintance. Szeto Mi dined with several colleagues at Hua Jin Lou today to discuss how to bring down Szeto Jue. Unexpectedly, just out of the door, I met the Lord.


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