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Once tested, it will give human starships a better chance of survival. And what about testing the weapons of an alien civilization? How much is the power? Is it possible to use it by yourself? I haven't played yet. There are a lot of tasks. The first starships to go. In the final analysis, it is the most insignificant consumable. The Council has the ability to make the leading starship expendable. In this process, all kinds of weapons will be used. We need to see the use of that weapon. It has great lethality to the fleet of alien civilization. There is also the problem of tactical coordination. This is Chuxiu. Be sure to pay attention to all kinds of problems. After all the first starships have departed. The fleet that set out with the second batch is still an unmanned fleet. But this fleet has huge 3D printers. As long as the first unmanned fleet, The damage is irreparable. That starship will be abandoned. The second batch of starships will go up and test it. Will change the shield that doesn't matter. Use the most appropriate shield. After several tests like this. All kinds of data will come together little by little. The most suitable shield, shield, and what weapon to use. The chances of human beings surviving well in the war will be greatly increased. Now the biggest advantage is that you can use the wormhole to fly over instead of flying over little by little. This is a major leap forward, making Yu Ying the focus of new people. It can be said that more people are optimistic about her. Speaking of which, she also has a rank. Because of this breakthrough. The armed forces of the Council. With a faster response speed. After all, wormholes save time and effort. Otherwise, the time spent on the road will be about a year. A year! Sometimes the day Lily is cold,Vending Machine Motor, and it's really too late. While the Council was preparing for war, Lord Ma Li, who was hiding in the Oort Cloud, was also pondering how primitive civilization was. And in Gollum's mind,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, the fog grass will certainly take advantage of this period of time to recover a lot of power. This is the most feared question in Gollum's heart. I wonder how the fog grass is? Did you recover much? If you count it up. It's been a while. I'm afraid the fog grass's physical condition is much better. A kind of deep hidden worry arises spontaneously in Gululu's heart. You should know that when the two civilizations wanted to perish together, the powerful civilization had a plug-in. Now that plug-in is destroyed, it is impossible to use the original method to give the fog grass a hard blow. So he planned to send more surveillance equipment to monitor the primitive civilization. But still waiting for the surveillance he sent to go away, he met the starship head-on. What does that mean? There are starships of other civilizations. It can be seen that the technology tree of this civilization. The point is moderate. From the exterior of the starship. He had already judged it, and his opponent had been watching him for a long time. When he found something wrong, he immediately sent a warship, which was not a slow reaction. At this moment, his reaction to the history of primitive civilization has added some weight. But on second thought, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, I'm afraid it's the ghost of the fog grass, and I must find a chance to destroy the people of the whole planet. After that, their powerful civilization should also use a lot of medicines that are not good for plants. Wait! What else do you use? Just destroy the ecosystem. Or let the planet explode. Now is the time to act. Destroy those starships first. If you think you can fly in outer space, you think you're pretty good? Gollum murmured in his heart, and at the same time he sneered. Destroy as many starships as they come, and see how many starships the primitive civilization has to fight a war with him! In addition, Gululu is very surprised at the brainwashing ability of fog grass, so powerful. To persuade the intelligent creatures of primitive civilization to send starships. Come to think of it, fog grass is the life and death of intelligent creatures. Not really interested. But I'm afraid there will be plants on that planet. Fog Grass may use methods to create new plant people. This one is also heard by other Ma Li adults. The Master of Mind Power of the Plant Clan has the function of creating human beings. But if one is really created, many ordinary plants will die. The dead plants. Have the vitality of. Were given to the newly minted plant people. In this way, the new plant people can quickly become a strong man. Gollum also heard that if the plant people want to be more powerful, they have to use the flesh and blood of intelligent creatures to support them.
In his mind, fog grass is absolutely exaggerated demonization. At the same time, he made up his mind again. Earth civilization must be destroyed. If the fog grass has spirit, it will definitely say that most of the legends are false. There is no such thing as a plant creating a human being, and a small part of the flesh and blood support is real. But it is absolutely impossible for them to regard the intelligent creatures of a civilization as their own nutrients. Generally, he will not easily absorb others as his own nutrients until he is forced to do so. The reason for attacking the civilized people of the earth is to survive. The result was destroyed by Yu Ying. The starships of the two sides meet in outer space. For a time, the two sides went to war, and now the physical weapon was not used. Most of them are all kinds of ray and laser weapons firing at each other, and those celestial bodies that become obstacles are destroyed. Lord Gollum, the invasion of the other side's brain is not very successful, but the other side is also attacking our brain. Dong Dong said. Its sound finally awakened Gollum, who was lost in thought, and he realized that he was a little distracted. He said, "Step up the invasion and break through their brains." "What can a primitive civilization do?" "But they are the computing power of a planet, and I only have one here." Dong Dong said. It also wants to hack the computers of the Council, to see the situation of the starships of the Earth civilization,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and to keep the equipment in the base running urgently. It's really busy, and it feels like it's too busy. If there is a human form, its head has begun to heat up.


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