• This is an interesting "fight" between Schumacher & Senna and in my point of view Senna was dirty, like he always was when he realized somebody was faster and would overtake him.
    Schumacher was completely side by side and then Senna brutally drove into him. He really left zero space for Schumacher to avoid a crash!

  • I totally agree with you. A prime Mike Tyson could fight both Joshua and Wilder at te same evening and would be the last man standing. Me I personally think his style would have caused also big problems for Ali!

    Just watch this:

    P.S. Frank Bruno would have had the potential to be Mr. Olympia lol, but as a Boxer he was slow, showed no good defence etc. and even I think his mind-set was not strong!

  • Zitat von Boris im Beitrag #5
    Hamilton did have problem with tyres,he said it himself this year and also he said he had to reduce his speed so he could save them.
    Everything I wrote stands. Hamilton was beaten by both rosberg and button while in prime in full season. He beat them twice ok (and that 2nd over button was just 2 points). Schumacher in his prime was untouchable.

    Schumacher still hold most records.

    List you posted dont have any logic... heidfield above kubica and guy beat him many times in same car... also he is on 23rd place? above rosberg? list is joke... Dunno which statistic they watched.

    Fangio is definetely to be considered on all time list,but he drove very very different era. Prost,even if I am not fan is also high on the list. Vettel is not. Vettel as 4x champion is joke.

    Watch races,expecially 2006 season with schumi on brasil and monaco. Watch what he do without DRS. Guys cant do it now even with it.
    Watch also his lap on rain in belgium.
    Guy have 10 out of 10 marks in every single area:
    qualify speed,race speed,tactic, mechanical development of car,everything... He had most passes in race even in his comeback when he wasnt close to prime one.

    Also,you can separate race speed with qualify speed because race is not 5 laps,but 55. if you burn tyres in those 5 laps,you will be 0.5 - 1 or more slower in rest of the laps. Hamilton did had such problem in 1st few years.

    My list would be:
    1. Schumi
    2. Alonso
    3. Hamilton,Fangio,Prost
    4. Mansell,Senna etc

    While I agree with many things you said, I must say there is also one "weak point", concerning Schumacher and his career. No doubt, he for example was much better than Vettel!
    But you said that he was untouchable in his prime and this is the problem in his career! In his prime he never had any really good teammates!
    I would say the two best guys he faced were Hakkinen and later Alonso, but he never had them as teammates.
    Being in your prime and for years in one team with Barrichello and Massa is the "weakness" in his prime time, because every big champion, everyone in your list would have been faster than Barrichello for example.

    I also would rank Schumacher within the three best ever. To rank precisely is impossible in formula one, as so much depends on the quality of your teammates and how good your car was.
    Hamilton also has "flaws", like for example that he once lost to Button, but then he defeated him twice.
    So I think concerning speed, both Hamilton and Schumacher are probably equal. Alonso also has the speed, but he had bad luck with cars.

  • I have no cliue who is avoiding whom, but compared with this guys they are a pure joke!

  • Schumacher was only faster in "race speed", well no he wasn faster in "race speed", he only has more fastested laps than Hamilton and this can be easily explained, because he had different rules. He made almost all his fastest laps, when his car was much lighter than the others, because he had less fuel and then he pushed.
    In general I think the "concept" to distinguish into "race speed" and "qualifying speed" is pure bullshit!
    Either you have "the speed" or you don have it. It is just that some drivers have a different approach for the weekend of the race. So they have a different focus. Schumacher was very tactical, so he and Ross Brawn thought about the perfect amount of fuel for the race.
    So letś just say "speed" and here I see both Hamilton & Schumacher on one level.
    It is anyway impossible to say who was the "fastest", as different areas have different cars, rules etc.
    I also see absolutely no problem concerning tyres with Hamilton. He has five world titles now, so this obviously is no problem.
    I really cannot rank drivers, like I could rank Boxers, as too much depends on the car.

    Science says Fangio is the best formula one driver ever and on rank number one. Schumacher before his comeback is on rank 3 and after his battle with Rosberg he is only on position 8 in the list:

    However I also would not totally agree with this list! However Fangio should be always mentioned when it comes to the best ever. He won his titles with many different teams!

  • Bahrain Grand Prix 2019DateMon Apr 01, 2019 12:34 pm

    But it was always close and Alonso made a great job. Unlike Vettel at the moment, who cannot keep the pace of Leclerc!

  • Bahrain Grand Prix 2019DateMon Apr 01, 2019 4:53 am

    Vettel gets owned by a Newbie! That would never have happened to Alonso!

  • Bahrain Grand Prix 2019DateSat Mar 30, 2019 5:17 am

    My guess is Hamilton or Vettel will be on pole position and one of them will win the race,

  • Pretty even I would say. Either it would be 3:2 for Schumi after 5 years, or 3:2 for Hamilton after 5 years, so it would be up to luck. In general there were on one level!
    Maybe Schumacher was the better "leader" for a team with problems, like it used to be the case with Ferrari at that time.

  • Melbourne -GP of Australia 2019DateTue Mar 19, 2019 3:01 pm

    Imagine how many years Vettel is no part of Ferrari and their "number one driver". He knows the team, the car, as the car also is based on the car before etc. and still this youngster could have overtaken him in the end.
    Poor performance by Vettel, than would have never happened to Alnso if he was for so long part of tzeam and had a new teammate!

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