• Thats a fact... Even Joshua himself said he would be murdered by Tyson. Boxing dont have that quality anymore,probably cause of expanding of MMA. MMA is tied with boxing as most watched sport (one year above boxing by ratings,next year bellow but they are close) so probably many talents went to MMA.

    Also,sister Klitchko ducked the best for many years and ruined boxing. Too many business and hard to contract fights btw top athletes. They need 3-4 years or more and mostly they do it after some of the guys passed his prime.

    Atleast now we have 3 high caliber undefeated champs,two of them already fought each other to a draw and its more interesting. Its better quality boxing then at Klitchko's era but still its not close to 70', 80's and 90's

  • Hamilton did have problem with tyres,he said it himself this year and also he said he had to reduce his speed so he could save them.
    Everything I wrote stands. Hamilton was beaten by both rosberg and button while in prime in full season. He beat them twice ok (and that 2nd over button was just 2 points). Schumacher in his prime was untouchable.

    Schumacher still hold most records.

    List you posted dont have any logic... heidfield above kubica and guy beat him many times in same car... also he is on 23rd place? above rosberg? list is joke... Dunno which statistic they watched.

    Fangio is definetely to be considered on all time list,but he drove very very different era. Prost,even if I am not fan is also high on the list. Vettel is not. Vettel as 4x champion is joke.

    Watch races,expecially 2006 season with schumi on brasil and monaco. Watch what he do without DRS. Guys cant do it now even with it.
    Watch also his lap on rain in belgium.
    Guy have 10 out of 10 marks in every single area:
    qualify speed,race speed,tactic, mechanical development of car,everything... He had most passes in race even in his comeback when he wasnt close to prime one.

    Also,you can separate race speed with qualify speed because race is not 5 laps,but 55. if you burn tyres in those 5 laps,you will be 0.5 - 1 or more slower in rest of the laps. Hamilton did had such problem in 1st few years.

    My list would be:
    1. Schumi
    2. Alonso
    3. Hamilton,Fangio,Prost
    4. Mansell,Senna etc

  • Its already confirmed that Joshua is one avoiding...

    Joshua dont have such good defense as Fury and it will be hard for him to survive Wilder. He also dont have such great chin. To win,he must knock him early,what will also be hard. I pick wilder in that match. Joshua would have more chances against Fury and Fury is one who would be slight favorite over Wilder in rematch.

    Fury will hardly match any of the two now,cause of his contract with that organisation,so Wilder vs Joshua should happen in 1 year I hope.

    Also, Fury won belt from Klitchko and belt was taken from him,Joshua didnt win it in a fight. Fury is lineal champ and that title is probably the most important. He is man who beat a man.

    Joshua also avoided Fury,not just Wilder while two of them fought each other,so its clear who is ducking. Its not cause he is scared,but cause he wants to take bigger payday... its all strategy

  • Schumacher vs Hamilton -Who was better in his prime?DateWed Apr 17, 2019 10:00 am

    Scumacher was faster in race,posting more fastest laps. He was also better at saving tyres,which is Hamilton big problem. I dont see it even,I think Schumi would won. Guy who would be closest to him is Alonso...

    Hamilton is there on qualify and also race speed for time he dont burn tyre. He said himself he had to change his style and drive slower cause he burn tyres a lot.
    Speed on full race,then raining conditions are all Schumi. Hamilton dont have a single advantage over him,he is only equal in qualify...

    Dont forget button beat him in one season and in one was only 2 points behind. in 2 seasons was 1-1 and 3rd was almost equal.
    also rosberg won him in one season in same car. thats prime hamilton...

    Not wanting to take away nothing from him,he is probably 3rd best driver in history,right after schumi and alonso.

    this is schumi at 70%

  • America have history of being terrorist number one in world. Its country made on genocide of its native people. America exist as country like 300 years and during these 300 years,250 or more are spent under war with somebody. Trump is the only president who didnt start any war and who mostly mind his own business inside America. America have raise in every single area during his era. Economy etc.

    Border with Mexico is neccesary because there is many illegal people stealing their jobs and everything else. I dont see why debate is needed at all?
    Border is called border with reason. If you dont respect imaginary,you need physical.

    People with pappers can still come. Illegals are one to worry... Trump is the best president they had in last 20+ years.

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