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Your favourite supercars?

 by sunnyAK , Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:12 pm

My two favourite supercars are the Ferrari fxx k evo and definitely one number one the Ferrari F80

My all time favourite at the moment is the Ferrari F80, however it is only a concept-car by now. I wish Ferrari had the guts to produce a car with this design, but usually Ferrari is too "warily".
Neither the Bugatti Chiron, nor the Lamborghini Veneno comes close in terms of looks, well the latter is ugly anyway. The Lamorghini Aventador looked way better than the Veneno!

Ferrari F80

For it on and it will enlarge.

And here the most beautiful picture ever:

And again the version for Smartphones. Click it on to enlarge!

Or click on this link, if it doesn´t enlarge:
and another one...

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