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Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Patrouille de France 70th Anniversary

After 3 years together, Bell & Ross celebrates the 70th anniversary of Patrouille de France with a limited edition

An elite unit of the French Air Force and Space Force, the Patrol de France has become one of the most famous aerobatic demonstration teams for 70 years.

Founded in 1953, Patrouille de France has a reputation for excellence in pilots selected from among the best fighter pilots and for their research and development, appreciated in all latitudes. The French Patrol is a symbol of the performance of our Armed Forces and an ambassador of French style throughout the world. Every flight is a feat, both on a purely technical and artistic level.

A longstanding success that has endured for 70 years thanks to careful preparation and precise execution. Based on a valuable heritage, these ideas are especially instructive for today's era. Of course, the same applies to Bell & Ross, who have dedicated the limited edition BR 03 musical instrument watch to this extraordinary anniversary.

"By becoming a partner of Patrouille de France, Bell & Ross associates itself with the values of this prestigious force of the French Air Force and Space Force, while also becoming an ambassador of French military aviation excellence. BR 03-92 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE The 70th Anniversary Watch commemorates this date with a unique timepiece, the culmination of a rich and prestigious history between Bell & Ross and military aviation." Bell & Ross.

shared values
Patrouille de France and Bell & Ross are two institutions with a common history. This connection is much stronger than the simple association of two names. Just as aerobatics presuppose a perfect symbiosis between team members, since 2021 the two trajectories intersect and sometimes even merge. Over time, a true partnership developed between the two entities, each a benchmark in its field of expertise, thanks to shared values.

"Since 2021, the French Air Force and Space Forces have built a trusting partnership with Bell & Ross around the Patrouille de France brand and strong shared values. Self-transcendence, constant innovation, rigor, precision and cohesive spirit are brought to life every day. Animate the team at The Dame and Bell & Ross. More importantly, it is the need for excellence and the desire to elevate the prestige of the French Wing to the highest level that brings us together and gives meaning to our association The French Air Force and Aerospace Forces are proud to join Bell & Ross in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the French Patrol and with this latest watchmaking achievement, the fruit of our shared passion”, Colonel Colonel, Director of the SIRPA Aeronautics and Space Agency Malard said.

legendary aircraft
For seven years, the Patrol de France has been celebrated for its skilled pilots and its exceptional aircraft. In the sky, their slender lines and their dexterity are also part of the beauty of the show.

From the Thunderjet, which entered service in 1953, to the Alphajet, which entered service in 1981, along with the Ouragan, Mystère IV and the fabulous Fouga Magister, these aircraft are part of the legend. How can we not pay tribute to them? To celebrate them, they are displayed on the back of the ceramic case of the BR 03-92 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE 70th Anniversary.

In order for the tribute to be appropriate, several challenges had to be overcome. "Silhouettes of the five planes that have flown since the creation of Patrouille de France in 1953 are engraved on the back of the watch. It was a bit complicated for the art department to make sure the five planes 'fit' into the caseback", Bell & Ross Creative Director and co-founder Bruno Belamich (Bruno Belamich). mission completed.

Instruments designed for pilots
The human dimension is essential in any aerial show. In an airplane, the flight instruments are for the pilot. Under the guidance of this philosophy, Bell & Ross has always been keen on developing professional timepieces that are in direct contact with users. Guides that influence the technical characteristics and add real meaning to the watch.

“We always consult pilots in the creation of watches: the first goal of the brand is to meet the needs of these people and provide them with the tools to complete the task. For example, the BR 03 TYPE A Patrouille de France is for pilots. requested; the watch was equipped with a quartz movement and offered dual analogue and digital displays”, recalls Bruno Belamich. The BR 03-92 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE 70TH ANNIVERSARY is no exception: inspired by pilots, it was designed for pilots.

ambitious watch
If the BR 03-92 PATROUILLE DE FRANCE 70TH ANNIVERSARY is meant to celebrate Patrouille de France's anniversary, it's still a professional instrument. As proof, it features the body of the BR 03, an ultra-light square case (42 x 42 mm) in high-tech ceramic, here treated with a black coating to accentuate the contrast. Both technical and modern, it is water resistant to 100 meters and protects the automatic mechanical movement BR-CAL 302, which displays the hours, minutes, seconds and date.

For the exclusive anniversary edition dial of this limited edition, Bell & Ross has chosen a particularly bright blue hue reminiscent of the color of the Alpha jets of the French Patrol. The emblem of this elite display team and its 70th anniversary specific logo appear in the center of the dial, subtly circled in the colors of the French flag.

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