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Outside the gate, after the sound of the horse's neigh, a group of people poured in, old and young. The first one was an old man in a brocade robe, who looked very dignified. All the warriors in the courtyard bowed down. Leng Qing'e's pink dimple was red and white, and her eyes flashed in and out. She gave a sharp laugh and said, "I didn't expect Shura to come in person. It's a great honor!" The bearer left, and Shura ordered the Lord to face Leng Qing'e. Are you the nameless flower? "Not bad!" "Where did you come from?" "I don't need to tell you." "Aren't you from Bu Daqing Road?" "It wasn't." "Who ordered you to steal the treasures of this palace?" "At one's own command." "Humph!"! You can't fly out with long wings now. What's your purpose to answer our questions? "Kill you." All the masters who accompanied him snorted angrily, but the Lord of Shura remained dignified and calm. Are you going to kill us? "Not bad!" "Why?" "Revenge." "Oh!"! What revenge? "I'll tell you when you fall." "Are you confident of that?" "Of course!" "Now hand over what you stole." "I can't." Lord Shura was silent for a moment. He raised his hand and shouted in a deep voice, "Take it down!" An old Taoist beside him immediately flew up to the corridor and grabbed him. Master, after all, extraordinary, a shot will show the ability, this grasp, wonderful to the slightest bump, so that people have no room to dodge. But the fact is unexpected, Leng Qing'e only flashed away, the body is strange, amazing. The faces of all present were discolored. The old man who made the shot grabbed it again,lamella clarifer, not once, but with both hands at different speeds and different angles, like more than a dozen masters at the same time. Leng Qing'e slipped out of the claw net like a ghost, and there was such a mysterious and unimaginable posture in the world. It's really scary. Lu Yunfei was exercising under the shrine, and he could not see what was going on outside. Another old man also bounced onto the porch. Lord Shura frowned and said, "There is only one person in Jianghu who has this kind of posture. The'Wonderful Patriarch 'is the first one. What is your relationship with him?" "Master and disciples," said Leng Qing'e frankly. Lord Shura said,disc air diffuser, "That's no wonder, but." I have no quarrel with the First Thief, and I have no quarrel with Kawai. What kind of revenge do you have? As a matter of fact, Leng Qing'e only relied on her master's last words from her mother. She didn't know what kind of enmity it was, so she had to bite the bullet and say, "It has nothing to do with the family teacher. It's another thing. I'll tell you then." "It seems that we must let you speak out in person," said Lord Shura. As he spoke, he stepped up to the hall and forced Leng Qing'e. Leng Qing'e retreated. Lie down With a loud shout, Lord Shura did not know what technique he used. Leng Qing'e screamed and went down. At the moment when she was about to touch the ground, she was buckled by two old men. "Now tell me where it's hidden," said Lord Shura. "I won't say!" "If you were a man, we wouldn't be so merciful. Would you force us to use extraordinary means?" "You dare not!" Shura makes the main eyelid color sink. Leng Qing'e added, "Shura Treasure, Wall Penstocks ,rapid sand filters, pass on the sacred object. The object is in the sect, and the object is lost. If you kill me, you can't find it back. The Shura Palace has to be removed from Jianghu." All the masters of the Shura Palace are ready to kill. "Take her back to the palace," said Lord Shura angrily. "Wait!" Lu Yunfei suddenly appeared. He had not recovered his skill, but he could not hold his breath. He could not let the people of the Shura Palace take her away. All eyes turned to Lu Yunfei, whose face made people frown. "Who wants you to come out?" Cried Leng Qing'e. Lu Yunfei came to the threshold and said, "You can't let them take you away." Lord Shura looked at Lu Yunfei and said, "Are you all the same?" "No," said Leng Qing'e. "It doesn't matter. You let him go. I'll go back to the Shura Palace with you." "Don't make a mistake, Miss Leng," said Lu Yunfei in a deep voice. With that, he turned his eyes to the Lord Shura and said, "You let him go, and I will be responsible for handing over the things.". ” Leng Qing'e said in a harsh voice, "If you dare to do this, I won't forgive you even if I'm a ghost. You don't have to get involved in this muddy water. You don't have to die with me.." Eyes turned to Lord Shura and said, "He killed Ou Shaobai, who was undercover in your palace. He killed Bu Daqing and his assistant. He broke Bu Daqing's plot to steal the Shura Palace. He is kind to you.". You must not make enemies with him. Looking at Lu Yunfei's illness, he said that he did not look like a person who had done such an amazing thing. Lord Shura looked suspiciously at Lu Yunfei. One of the old men who caught Leng Qing'e said, "He should be able to save you with such magical powers." "He was wounded in a fight with Bu Daqing," said Leng Qing'e. "Otherwise, you're all the wandering souls at the bottom of his sword. If you don't believe me, go to Lianhua Nunnery to check. You can also ask for clues at Sanqing Temple. He's the strange bamboo hat guest you're looking for." Someone was surprised to make a sound. Lord Shura nodded and said, "That's credible. We've found out most of the facts. By the way, he just called you Miss Leng. Is your surname Leng?" "Yes, Leng Qing'e," said Leng Qing'e, "my mother will kill you!" Lord Shura's face changed and he said, "Who is your mother?" "The white-haired beauty is Leng Qiaoniang," said Leng Qing'e. Shura made the Lord take three steps back as if he had been stabbed suddenly, and his old face stood up and twitched, which shocked all his subordinates. Leng Qing'e said with a sharp smile, "Do you understand the reason for revenge?" Lu Yunfei was also stunned. At that moment, a figure ran into the circle of people, went straight to the front of the steps, and shouted, "Let me ask for a confession!" It was You Zimin, the young master of the Shura Palace, who came. "Let her go!" Shura exclaimed. "You are all out of the temple." All the subordinates looked at each other. "What's the matter with you, Father?" You Zimin exclaimed. Lord Shura waved his hand and said, "How dare you disobey orders?" No one dared to disobey orders. The two old men let go of Leng Qing'e in horror. The warriors in the yard obeyed first, and the rest walked blankly. Soon, all of them retreated,Mechanical fine screen, leaving only the father and son of Shura Signaling. Leng Qing'e is also silly. Lord Shura's body trembled for a long time before he came in and out, saying, "Your mother.." 。

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