Top 5 Frameworks for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

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Off lately, there has been a significant increase in mobile usage across the world. Further, once of the thing that is trending in the mobile industry is Hybrid mobile app development.
It is recommended that you opt for a good mobile app development company if you want to develop a Hybrid mobile app.
One of the good aspects about Hybrid mobile apps is that they are quite easy to adapt. Besides this, they are quicker & simple to develop as compared to native app.
Also, for developing a Hybrid mobile app, a framework needs to be selected.

So, in this article, we would talk about the Top 5 Frameworks for developing Hybrid mobile apps. Let us have a look:-
React Native
With React Native, mobile apps are built by the help of JavaScript. Through this, you can get rich mobile UI by the assistance of declarative components.
Once of the things about React Native is it makes use of the same UI building blocks similar to regular iOS & Android apps. All you have to do is put the building blocks together by the help of React & JavaScript.
So, if you are looking to build a mobile app using React Native, make sure to hire a top mobile app development company.
• Ionic Framework
The Ionic framework is open-source SDK that is used for building hybrid mobile apps.
It is equipped with services & tools for hybrid mobile app development by the help of web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Sass.
One of the good aspects about this framework is that it is open-source and 100% free.
It is equipped with 120 native device features such as Finger Print Auth, HealthKit, TypeScript extensions to name a few.
Other than this, you can make use of CLI present to build, create, deploy & test Ionic apps into the platform.
Native Script
Native Script is built via JavaScript and offers deep integration alongside modern angular versions. It also includes a number of full stack features.
Additionally, integration with Vue can easily be done through community-developed plugin.
Quasar Framework
The Quasar Framework is backed by Vue.js and through this developers need to write code just for a single time and then deploy it simultaneously. One of the good aspects about Quasar Framework is that it offers state-of-the-art UI while keeping the performance overhead very small.
Kendo UI
Kendo UI has a large collection of JavaScript UI components having libraries for Angular, jQuery through which hybrid mobile apps can be created.
Also, it is bundled with a number of ready-to-use widgets and thus through this hybrid mobile apps with high-performance can be easily built.
Final Verdict
The popularity of Hybrid mobile app development has grown a lot in the last few years.
The reason is that it provides better ROI, fast development & easier prototyping. Other than this, it can help you to reach a lot more customers.
So, if you are looking to build hybrid mobile apps, then you can opt for the services of Mobulous Technologies.
The reason is that they are equipped with experienced mobile app developers who can build hybrid mobile app of any complexity.

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Top 5 Frameworks for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

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